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Power training for everyone - just fun. 

  • for adolescents
  • for men
  • for women
  • for seniors 
  • for people with back aches
  • for people who want to lose fat

Unthinkable a few years ago - it has for long been for young men and achievement-oriented bodybuilding. 

Of course, power training helps to look better. A firm and athletic body is certainly attractive. Additionally, power training has many positive effects, it is a valuable training for different goals and for all age groups. If you read this you may be surprised how many great effects power training under professional supervision can have on your health: power training builds reserves, makes it possible that you can practice your favourite sports as long as possible, helps to avoid pain, to have fun and enjoy life actively.

Burn fat while sleeping! Power training is the secret for stable reduction of body fat! Muscles spend energy - more muscles spend more energy. Not only during exercise, but also afterwards, while you are sleeping!
Muscles need a permanent energy supply, both during exercise and at rest. The more muscular mass, the higher the metabolism activity and the energy use. Especially with older people or those who suffer from hypocinesia or are on diet one can observe dwindling muscle mass.

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