mywellness® key

exercise is the key to wellness

Wellness is an active lifestyle and a healthy diet. Move more, more often!

mywellness® key is a portable device that measures physical activity, motivating you to get moving more, day by day - from a simple walk to a workout session in the gym - and thereby improving your level of wellness.

mywellness® key measures the intensity and duration of physical activity over the course of a normal day, wherever you are: at home, in the gym, at work, and in your free time. It provides immediate visual feedback, constantly motivating you and showing you your daily goals.

Wear the mywellness® key every day and monitor your results from your PC, logging on to

The mywellness® key thus improves your lifestyle, health, and mood.

How does mywellness® key work?

It sets your personal goal and records your physical activity.
mywellness® key tracks every movement you make during the day, and in the gym. Based on your lifestyle and personal parameters, it sets a personalized goal, which will motivate you to move more often and improve your level of wellness. Simply wear the key every day.

When you wear mywellness® key, the internal accelerometer measures the amount of physical activity you perform in your daily life.

When you plug mywellness® key into a Technogym machine, it measures the quantity of physical exercise you do in the gym and your improvements.

When you connect to you'll get a complete picture of the progress you've made throughout the day and the week. You can find specific advice based on performance and review the training program based on your needs.

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