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Staying physically and mentally fit as one grows older is for many people more important than ever. To reach these goals there is an effective way - and that is endurance training!

Regular endurance training not only increases physical performance in everyday life, leisure time and job, but has also a positive effect on your health.
Endurance training prevents many diseases, 

like heart attack, stroke or type-2 diabetes and prolongs life. If you are overweight, endurance training supports catabolism of fat. Additionally, it helps to release stress and increase well-being. If you are already ill it is often an effective supporting help.

Two more good news: endurance is trainable to old age. With relatively little effort you can achieve a 

comparably great effect. Especially newcomers benefit from that.
If there was a pill which had that much positive effects on health and fitness as endurance training, nearly all people would take it.

You can be sure:
A good endurance training is much more fun and more fulfilling!

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