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When the back aches, it is often because the muscles are too weak! The spinal column is stabilized by muscles. If they are not strong enough, pressures strike the spine unabatedly. Trained muscles  act as a protective shield - build it up! One of the most important means of preventing and treating back aches is a power training for the spine-stabilizing muscles. Scientific research prove that by moderate and adjusted power training the locomotor system can be trained so far that back aches can be influenced positively.


A study from BIGGOER (1998) with 565 patients that had suffered from chronical back aches for more than six months showed the positive effect of muscular stamina training. 

After a twelve-month training a nearly doubling of muscular strength in the lumbar spine, a considerable pain reduction with a simultaneous reduction of pain killers, and an increased working ability could be achieved.

We all too often only get aware of how important and at the same time sensitive our joints are if they become noticeable when we feel pain. The reason for joint afflictions are often too weak or unequally strong muscles. Strength training can be the answer! With a health-orientated strength training body posture as well as body static can be influenced causally and sustainably favorably. ln all body joints there is a muscular balance, a balance that assure the static and posture of the body. 

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